It was a beautiful morning, but we knew rain was on the way for the afternoon.  We had three posses with 39 cowboys and girls start promptly at 8:45 and we finished by a little after Noon.  The cowboys settled down to a nice lunch prepared by Sue Darnall while the scorekeepers calculated the results.

Flaming Star won the match and shot clean.  Marshal RD took Top Hand in second place and also shot clean.  Tomahawk Johnson took third with the Trail Boss award.   Taquila Tab brought it home with the Ram Rod award and fourth place.

We had one great new prop, a horse on Stage one that Arizona Buffalo Joe, Tomahawk Johnson and Appaloosa Doc had a big hand in building.  We brought out the jail wagon and had some new buffalo built by Tomahawk Johnson that added a lot to the ambience of the shoot.

Clean shooters included the aforementioned group along with Sliphammer Yates, and Dangerous Dan.  Stacey Bridges shot clean in his first match, but had a penalty on stage 4.

Thank you to East Texas, Sheriff Boo Boo Bottom, Missouri Sunshine, Arizona Buffalo Joe, Appaloosa Doc, Tomahawk Johnson, Sooner Born, Marshal RD, and Prairie Trail Ranger for setting up the match.