We had 31 people show up on what turned out to be a beautiful day for a shoot.  Flaming Star won the match with a couple of really fast last two stages.  We had a bunch of clean shooters again.  Deadeye Farmboy, Okie Pete, Chance Slocum, Tomahawk Johnson and Redd Garvin all shot clean.  Missouri Sunshine shot clean but had a penalty for shooting targets out of sequence.
We had a bunch of new shooters: Appaloosa Doc, Big R and Lightning Lefty all shot for the first time and all of them had at least one clean stage.
Chuck Norris gave it a try after the shoot.  He said he would be back next month.  We also had 4 or 5 spectators at various times during the shoot.
Thanks to Burns the Highlander, Marshal RD and Boo Boo for setup.  Thanks to everybody else for showing up.