SASS Rule Changes Effective December 7, 2015


To pass, an item must receive 66% of the votes For. Less than 66% and more than 50%, means the item failed but can be re-introduced and the next TG Summit as an agenda item.



Item 5, the Stage/Match DQ for failure to adhere to the command of "cease fire" was removed from the agenda. It was universally accepted that when a shooter willfully continues to shoot after the command "cease fire" they should be done for the day. Wording, in a clarification, will add verbiage to that affect. There is no change in the match DQ, but the additional verbiage will describe willful or a deliberate

refusal to cease fire.



1) Should the rules be changed to allow the inclusion of "sub-gauge"

shotguns such as 28 and 32 (.410) gauge for Buckaroos/Buckarettes




Against .037

Abstain 00.0%


2) Should the MSV for retrieval of dropped/ejected ammo be deleted?




Against 11.07%

Abstain .37%



McLean County Peacemakers club rule – Ammo may be picked up if dropped on a table or shelf.  It may not be picked up off the ground or a walkway.


3) Should the equipment regulations for GUNFIGHTER -

style shooters be changed to allow the "butt forward" carry/Cavalry "twist" draw?



Against 16.24%

Abstain 00.0%


McLean County Peacemakers club rule – We discourage anyone from carrying pistols butt forward under any circumstances.



4) Should the penalty for not holstering revolvers at the end of the

revolver shooting string be changed from a MSV to a Procedure?


For 85.61%

Against 14.39%