Saturday the 15th of November was an unusually cold day, but we still had 15 restless cowboys and cowgirls anxious to take out some rustlers.  We had five stages planned and were able to complete them all before noon.   The stages seemed to give us some good challenges and yet we had some very fast times.  Like other sports, each individual's results can be fickle.  Things like shooting really well... Stage 1, then Stage 2 and so on until you reach Stage 5 and miss a target.  Or how about authoring one of the stages and then getting a procedure on the stage you wrote!  How could I do that?

We had two new shooters at the match - Backwoods Ben and Ballard Kid.  Welcome cowboys!  We also had a cowboy and cowgirl from the Long 9 Club in Springfield - Billy the Avenger & Miss Pistol Whipper.  I would recommend that you don't challenge them to a gunfight as most of us would loose.  Nice shooting folks.  We had five clean shooters.  They included Billy the Avenger, Marshal RD, Tomahawk Johnson, Sheriff Boo Boo Bottom, and Appaloosa Doc.  The November scores are attached to this email and posted on the home page of our website.

Thanks go out to Ron and Mike for their help, along with Sheriff Boo Boo Bottom and Prairie Trail Ranger in setting up the match.  We also want to thank all the folks who helped tear down the setup at the end of the match.  And thanks to you, the participants, who support our monthly shoot.

Our next match will be Saturday, December 20th.  We should have a treat for our next shoot.  Darnall's is putting in a new heating system/heat exchanger.  That means no more salamanders, better heat distribution, and cleaner air.  We hope to see you in December for our next shoot.