We had 34 shooters completing the match on what was a rather hot and humid day without much of any breeze.  We broke the group down into three posses and were done by approximately 12:30.  This month the club pulled out some of it's more unusual (and heavy) targets, such as the Death Star, the Cowboy Rack, and the Plate Rack.  Even though you had ten rounds to hit five targets, all extra rounds had to be placed on the dump target, and misses counted.  

About a third of the shooters got bonus points by roping the steer.  There were very few procedures.  And we had five clean shooters.  Congratulations to Taquila Tab, Cheyenne Cinder, Tomahawk Johnson, Prairie Trail Ranger, and El Paso Kid.  

Thank you for joining us for a fun day of shooting.  We hope you will return next month.  Look for the announcement flier around the first of the month.

Thank you to Sheriff Boo Boo Bottom, Tomahawk Johnson, Comstock Charley, Arizona Buffalo Joe, and Prairie Trail Ranger for setting up the match.