We had a beautiful day for a cowboy match at the McLean County Peacemakers on Saturday.  A little more breeze would have been nice, but we have to remember this is July.  And we were done before noon.  We've been trying to run leaner posses so that we can get done quicker and I think everyone likes that.  It does mean that more shooters are called upon to help out, but I hope you don't mind the trade off.

Most of the stages were pretty straight forward today.  However I understand that there is a posse out looking for the cowboy that wrote Stage 3 with both a rifle and pistol reload.  This challenged our mental and physical abilities, but it is also an example of how we are trying to make our stages interesting.  If you have feedback, please share that with us.  These are your matches, so be sure to tell us if you would like to see some changes.

Billy the Avenger won the match, Billy and Marshal RD shot the match clean.

Thank you to Sheriff Boo Boo Bottom, Comstock Charley, Arizona Buffalo Joe, Buffalo Ben, Appaloosa Doc and Prairie Trail Ranger for setting up the match.