Saturday the 20th of December the McLean County Peacemakers held their December Match.  We had 19 cowboys and cowgirls taking time out of this busy time of year to come out and do some cowboy action shooting.

We had five stages planned and again were able to complete them all before noon.  In Stage 2, Santa was being held as a hostage.  Fortunately nobody "took him out" nor got the ten second penalty for doing so.

We had four clean shooters.  They included Billy the Avenger, Dangerous Dan, Marshal RD, and Sheriff Boo Boo Bottom.  A link to the scores are posted in the right hand column of this page. 

Darnall's new heating and ventilating system was up and running.  The temperatures inside the range were comfortable and the air quality was terrific.

Thanks go out to Ron and Mike for their help, along with Arizona Buffalo Joe, Comstock Charley, and Prairie Trail Ranger in setting up the match.  Once again, thanks to all the folks who helped tear down the setup at the end of the match.  Thanks shooters for supporting our monthly shoot.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

Prairie Trail Ranger