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October Quigley Results - 10/2/2021

October 4, 2021
50 yd Men's Pistol (on tiebreaker) -
1st Midnight Justice (5)
2nd Just Ken (5)
3rd  Dangerous Dan McGrew (2)
50 yd Ladies Pistol -
1st Celes Teal Ray (2)
Men's Pistol Caliber Lever Rifle Smokeless - 
1st Lunar Tic Pete (18)
2nd  Midnight Justice (17)
3rd  Chenoa Tim (15)
Ladies Pistol Caibler Rifle Smokeless - 
1st  Celes Teal Ray (12)
Men's Rifle Caliber Lever Rifle Smokeless -
1st  Comstock Charley (15)
Men's Rifle Caliber Lever Rifle Black Powder - 
1st  Lunar Tic Pete (10)
Men's Rifle Caliber Single Shot Rifle Smokeless -
1st Chenoa Tim (15)
2nd Tomahawk Johnson (14)
3rd  Dangerous Dan McGrew (12)


Quigley Match Results May 1, 2021

May 1, 2021
50 Yard Pistil
1. Midnight Justice 7/10
2. Sheriff Boo Boo Bottom 6/10
3. Comstock Charley 5/10

Pistol Caliber Rifle
1. Midnight Justice 20/20
2. Sheriff Boo Boo Bottom 16/20
3. Kansas Dusty 15/20 (shoot-off on the bottle)

Lever Action Big Bore
1. Comstock Charley 15/20
2.Howard Hallstein 11/20
3.Kansas Dusty 10/20

Single Shot Big Bore
1. Comstock Charley 13/20

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Rule Change 2020 - Hammer back on Rifle

December 16, 2019
SASS approved a proposed rule change when a competitor arrives at the shooting line with the hammer on the rifle cocked. The old rule was an immediate Stage DQ. In the new rule, the RO will take the rifle and point it downrange into the berm and pull the trigger.  If a shot is not fired, the competitor will be allowed to proceed.  If a shot is fired, there will be a Stage DQ.
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SAAS Rules Changes for 2016 with Peacemakers Versions Noted.

April 30, 2016

SASS Rule Changes Effective December 7, 2015


To pass, an item must receive 66% of the votes For. Less than 66% and more than 50%, means the item failed but can be re-introduced and the next TG Summit as an agenda item.



Item 5, the Stage/Match DQ for failure to adhere to the command of "cease fire" was removed from the agenda. It was universally accepted that when a shooter willfully continues to shoot after the command "cease fire" they should be done for the day. Wording, in a c...

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Club Elections

January 19, 2015
The McLean County Peacemakers have elected a new board.
President: Prairie Trail Ranger
Vice-President: Marshal RD
Secretary: Comstock Charley
Treasurer: Sheriff Boo Boo Bottom
At Large Board Members: Tomahawk Johnson, Arizona Buffalo Joe
Territorial Governor: Sheriff Boo Boo Bottom

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SASS Rules Changes

January 19, 2015
Long guns "closed/open" issue:  (from 11th Convention, Dec. 2013) 
  • Long guns will be cleared and discarded with barrels pointing safely downrange. If the action of a long gun closes after being cleared then the competitor will, at the conclusion of the stage, show it to be clear to the TO. No person other than the competitor may handle the long gun prior to opening the action and showing the long gun to be clear. Appropriate penalties will apply if the long gun is not clear.

Shooting on t...

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Change in News page.

January 19, 2015
The News page is changing.  Henceforth, it will just be news.  The shoot results will be on the Home page.  The news page will be used for news about the club and SASS.

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December Results

December 24, 2014
Saturday the 20th of December the McLean County Peacemakers held their December Match.  We had 19 cowboys and cowgirls taking time out of this busy time of year to come out and do some cowboy action shooting.

We had five stages planned and again were able to complete them all before noon.  In Stage 2, Santa was being held as a hostage.  Fortunately nobody "took him out" nor got the ten second penalty for doing so.

We had four clean shooters.  They included Billy the Avenger, Dangerous D...

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November Results

November 17, 2014
Saturday the 15th of November was an unusually cold day, but we still had 15 restless cowboys and cowgirls anxious to take out some rustlers.  We had five stages planned and were able to complete them all before noon.   The stages seemed to give us some good challenges and yet we had some very fast times.  Like other sports, each individual's results can be fickle.  Things like shooting really well... Stage 1, then Stage 2 and so on until you reach Stage 5 and miss a target.  Or how ab...

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Stage Trail Shootout Results

September 22, 2014
It was a beautiful morning, but we knew rain was on the way for the afternoon.  We had three posses with 39 cowboys and girls start promptly at 8:45 and we finished by a little after Noon.  The cowboys settled down to a nice lunch prepared by Sue Darnall while the scorekeepers calculated the results.

Flaming Star won the match and shot clean.  Marshal RD took Top Hand in second place and also shot clean.  Tomahawk Johnson took third with the Trail Boss award.   Taquila Tab brought it ho...

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