McLean County Peacemakers

The McLean County Peacemaker's Club organizes monthly cowboy action shooting matches reminiscent of the wild west of the latter 1800's.  The events are governed by the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) and are open to anyone who can handle firearms safely regardless of gender, shooting skills, or age (parental supervision is required for all competitors under 21 years of age).  Every match provides entrants with fun, shooting challenges, practicing their shooting skills, and an opportunity to build friendships among people with common interests.

McLean County Peacemakers November Match


The McLean County Peacemakers held its November match on Saturday, the 17th of November.  We would have liked to shoot outdoors, but as most November matches go, the weather wasn’t conducive to a cowboy match.


We had 25 shooters who came out to join us in some fun cowboy shooting.  And we shot all five stages.  We were running like a well-oiled machine… shooter after shooter.  Thank you to everyone for helping us pick up after the match so quickly.  We were done and out of there by noon so that Darnalls could open up the range to the public.


Like always, some of the group headed out to Culver’s for a bite to eat and some conversation.  We had a pretty good group come and join us.

There were seven clean shooters for the match.  They included Black Oak Bill, Blind Hog, Deadeye Farmboy, Marshal RD, Missouri Sunshine, Sheriff Boo Boo Bottom, and Tomahawk Johnson.  Congratulations cowboys and cowgirls. 


Arkansas Lew won the overall match with a .04 second lead.  Coming in second to fifth place was Deadeye Farmboy, Black Oak Bill, Comstock Charley, and Marshal RD.  Very nice shooting cowboys and cowgirls.  Congratulations to all shooters for their participation and sportsmanship. 

The scores for the event are posted on this website.  You will find both the overall results by time and another report of time by category.

We hope that you will come back and join us in November.

Prairie Trail Ranger

aka: Jon Paulsen

Online shooter education on YouTube by NSSF & Longhunter here.

Peacemakers Banquet

January 12, 2019

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December 2018 Match

The McLean County Peacemakers will hold their next match on Saturday, December the 15th.  Registration opens at 8:15 am.  Shooting begins after a short safety meeting at 8:50 am.  This will be an indoors match.

Minutes from March 12, 2018 
Board Meeting

2019 Quigley Long Range Rifle Shoot 

     May 12  & October 13th  

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