McLean County Peacemakers

The McLean County Peacemaker's Club organizes monthly cowboy action shooting matches reminiscent of the wild west of the latter 1800's.  The events are governed by the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) and are open to anyone who can handle firearms safely regardless of gender, shooting skills, or age (parental supervision is required for all competitors under 21 years of age).  Every match provides entrants with fun, shooting challenges, practicing their shooting skills, and an opportunity to build friendships among people with common interests.

McLean County Peacemakers

February Match

The McLean County Peacemakers held its February 2017 match on Saturday, the 17th of February.  We are at a point in the winter where we seem to face the “blah’s”.  Gray days, not much sunshine, sometimes wet.  We all will probably agree that we’ve had enough of winter and are ready to move on to sunny and warmer days. 

With that said, as one of the match organizers we never know how many shooters we might have in the winter months.  Sometimes it can be a small group.  Last February we had 15 shooters.  This month, “wow!”.  We had 26 shooters.  A number of the Long Nine Gang came up from the Springfield area and further south. 

There were six clean shooters for the match.  They included Colorado Collin, Marshal RD, Midnight Justice, Missouri Sunshine, Pistol Pete Peacock, and Sherriff Boo Boo Bottom.  The overall top three winners (1-3) were Billy the Avenger, Midnight Justice, and Don Jorge.  The scores for the event, both by time and by category, are posted on this website.  Nice shooting everyone!

After the pickup we headed out to our old standby, Culver’s, for a bite to eat and some post-match analysis.  Thank you to everyone for helping us pick up after the match.  Even with 26 shooters, and some different shooting sequences, we were out of Darnalls by noon.

We always appreciate your participation in our matches.  Come join us for our next match on Saturday, March the 17th.

Prairie Trail Ranger

aka: Jon Paulsen

Online shooter education on YouTube by NSSF & Longhunter here.

2018 Illinois State SASS Championship - at Paradise Pass, Etna Green, Indiana (link) July 13-15.

March 2018 Match

The McLean County Peacemakers will hold their next match on Saturday, March the 17th.  Registration opens at 8:15 am.  Shooting begins after a short safety meeting at 8:50 am.  We'll be shooting indoors.  Remember that our club shoots year around.  Indoor shoots do not include the shotgun or black powder.

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